Monday, February 14, 2011

A valentines day party

We (the young women and young women leaders) threw our wards valentines party. It is kinda hard to decorate a room as big as the cultural hall, but I think we did a pretty good job. There were only two leaders and two girls who were there for setting up and for the party. They were such a big help though. The theme of the party was - Share the Love. We had people bring donations for the children's hospital and we got a lot of stuff.
We had cookies to decorate...

A potato bar (other people from the ward helped with the food)

A dessert sweet shop

A place to make valentines

and a photo booth.

(my kids looked like such ragamuffins, but I am grateful to Russ for taking care of them all day and helping me with stuff)

It was a good time.

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