Monday, February 21, 2011

Vintage suitcases

I love vintage suitcases. A lot. Here are some you may like too.
The red. - sold
This one has a hard outer case.

And pretty white lining.

Measures 20 x 25

The teal. - sale pending

Kinda dirty and a little beet up,but such a great color.

this one measures 19 x 27


the blue. sold

This has a hard outer case

and super nice insides.
it is a Samsonite.

it measure 20 x 15

the olive twins. - sold

They have a hard outer case and great lining.

both $20

These are somethings that will be in the next vintage basement sale, unless one of you snags it up early here. Email me if you want it debsfreckles (at) yahoo (dot) com.
*this is meant to be sold to my locals here in the valley of the sun. If you are not local and really want and are willing to pay the shipping I will ship it to you*



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