Monday, June 7, 2010

The ultrasound

On the 1st of May I had an ultrasound. I found a company that comes to your home and does it. Without a doctors order which was nice because I did not (and do not) have a doctor. I hope that does not sound horrible of me, but I know from previous experience that early on in a pregnancy doctors don't do a lot of good unless something is wrong and I feel like I know by now when something is wrong. I also want to have a home birth, but did not want to look for a midwife until I knew everything looked okay with the baby.
On the day of the ultrasound I called Connie to see if she wanted to come over, and she did. She took pictures and of course brought gum! Here is Russ explaining something to William and I wish I knew what it was.
He had me set up right on the couch and we watch the whole thing on our t.v. It was very cool and he was the most informative ultrasound tech I have ever had.
And there is the little baby! Facing forward.
All of us enjoying the show.
It was a great show... the end they gave us a DVD of the whole thing right after it was done. You can hear all our commentary and William asking every couple of seconds if it is a boy.
And it is! He is so excited about this. Gracie wanted a girl and sometimes she still says there is a baby boy and girl in my tummy, but I think she is getting used to the idea.
I highly recommend Sound Wave Imaging 480-217-4277 or
For $150 they came to our home, did the ultrasound, and made us a DVD. Well worth it to know the shape my baby is in...which is perfect. So now I get a midwife. I found one I like I just need to get back to her and let her know that.


  1. I love the picture of the three of you staring SO INTENTLY at the screen...especially William. What an incredible moment to catch on film! It made me feel all mushy gushy inside.

  2. this is too funny...we had the same guy come to our house. He was hilarious. And I loved watching the dvd over and over again. So congrats on the boy...they are so much fun. p.s. I need your address sometime so I drop off that bunting and a little something to say thank you.

  3. YEA!!!! Congrats on little brother for William and Gracie! How exciting! I had no idea you could have people come to your home for that. So cool!

  4. Debbie, this is so sweet! I'm loving the home-visit ultrasound tech! One of the main reasons I chose the midwife for my last birth was that she only did home visits. I'm excited to hear that you are doing a home birth. It is a nice thing to have in common with someone! I hope your birth is as special as mine were.
    So how many times have people told you "you're brave!"??
    This post is ALMOST making me want to have another baby.



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