Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Here are some pictures of my growing belly. It is time to take another one. Maybe I will remember to write it on my to-do list tomorrow. That is if I remember to make a to-do list tomorrow. I skipped the first couple months because I felt like you-know-what, and there wasn't anything to see anyway. April 15, 2010
May 23, 2010
So far, everything is good. I have pregnancy brain, I am tired all the time, and I waddle. Russ tells me I should stop and I tell him, "it feels better to walk that way!" My feet have started swelling a little if I stand too long and I have wonderful practice contractions (braxton hicks)all the time. I can feel this guy moving inside me all the time. He really gets going if I let myself get too hungry. I really do like pregnancy, but it is hard and I feel it getting a little harder as I am a little older each time. My children and my husband always kiss my tummy and I love it. We can't wait to know this little guy.

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