Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have been feeling really good lately. I got to go to the Temple on Friday and that was awesome. It is nice to have good friends to leave the kids with. The babysitting trade was the best idea. We were at the Temple with some of Russ' family and that was great. The temple always brings me comfort and peace. And this belly of mine keeps growing larger and larger. That is uncomfortable, but reassuring. He is moving a lot more, too. While listening to his heart beat he kept kicking the doppler, it was cute. Already he is so cute.Also at the appointment I talked with the midwife about how I had a kidney stone with Gracie's pregnancy and she told me that drinking straight lemon juice helps break them up. I thought the info was nice to know, but was not expecting to have kidney stones. A day or so later I started getting cramps in my legs . It got to the point where after just a minute of standing I was in quite a bit of pain. Russ gave me some stretches to do and they helped, but I was not looking forward to going up to girls camp and having to do these stretches all the time (I had to lay on my back). I realized that I needed to figure out how to get rid of them. Turns out they got rid of themselves. On Monday night after dinner was made and I had eaten, I sat down on the couch with my book to put my feet up. All of a sudden I felt a sharp familiar pain. I knew it was a kidney stone. I called Russ and told him to get home asap then went and juiced some lemons. I brought the kids in my bed with books so we could read while I drank the lemon juice. The pain was uncomfortable, but not unbearable yet. But from experience I knew where it could get. Soon Russ got home with some cranberry juice which I mixed with my lemon and kept on drinking. soon I had to go to the bathroom and when I looked in the toilet there was the stone about the size of a nerd. It all happened within an hours time. What a blessing! Since then the cramps in my legs have gone and I have a bottle of frozen lemon juice to take with me to camp just in case. I am so glad I had a basket of lemons and that I had that conversation with my midwife.

I have also been glad to see things getting done around our house. We are not close to done yet, but things are happening and that feels good. See the new counter tops under the plates? They are great. They are not all installed, but mostly and I love them. I am also taking comfort in knowing that I will probably be able to decorate most of my house with finds from 50% off Goodwill Saturdays. Slowly but surely my house will get decorated, every other Saturday at a time. I also got some great thrift items to take with me to camp - like new shoes. I love not spending a lot of money.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by life, but then I remember that things are working out and life goes on and I am happy.


  1. You are too cute! That outfit is gorgeous:)

    I like to read your blog, because it makes me happy and gives me hope :D

    I, too feel so sick, but love what a blessing it is to be pregnant. (though don't ask me when I am feeling really crappy);)
    I am glad that you are feeling better and that you passed that kidney stone so quickly. I usually get them a couple months after having the baby and they are awful!
    I will have to remember the lemon juice.
    I, too am also going to camp in a week and really hope i don't get really sick :( good luck with yours!

  2. And you are looking GOOD!! Seriously, lets compare win at cute and petite :)

    Good luck at girls camp. Everyone will ask you "how did they let you come?" but you will get to eat all the seconds you want by just showing the least that is what I learned.

    P.S. when you get home, we really should get the families together!!

  3. Way to go, Debbie! You look so great. I'm glad your kidney stone remedy worked so well. Aren't midwives the best?

  4. Life is great isn't it. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves.
    And sometimes life makes us want to cry. And that's OK too.

    I had a stone with my first and it's killer. You are such a trooper to go through all of that. God gives us little blessings sometimes in ways you would never see coming.



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