Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go Suns!

William likes basketball, he always has. He really likes Steve Nash. Anytime a Suns game is on he looks for the 13. One day he told Russ that he would really like to go to a Suns game. Well the Suns were in the playoffs and Russ had some extra money from a bonus that he got to spend however he chose. He took William to see the Suns play the Lakers. Luckily it was a game we won. My brother was talking to him about how cool it was going to be to watch them play and told him he could see Steve Nash shoot the ball. Then William said, "Steve Nash doesn't shoot the ball a lot, he passes it to other players." I was very impressed with that observation and then explained how important assisting is.
They both had a wonderful time. It was fun to talk to him about the game and here him tell people that he is a very lucky boy because his Dad took him to a Suns game. Lucky in deed.

Now when he plays basketball outside I hear him start chanting de-fense! or instructing Gracie to do so. He cracks me up.

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