Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Sam is here

We went to the hospital the day my brother Mark and his wife Ashley went to have their baby delivered. We went to early and the kids couldn't go see him. William was very upset and the whole car ride home asked me why kids can't go back and then explained to me that he did not have any germs on him. Ya right! So we went later that night when they had a room. Look at baby Sam's toes!
Look at his little ears!

Look at the Suns game! This is what all the guys in the room looked like most the time we were there.
"Aaaaahhhhh, he soooo cuuuute!" - what Gracie says anytime you even mention Sam. While we were at the hospital she asked, "is there a baby Jesus at this store?" So sweet.
We are sure excited to have this guy living with us and that we get to see him everyday.


  1. Congratulations Debbie!! He's so cute. You're family is d-a-r-l-i-n-g. I love your photo in your title!!!

  2. Debbie! It may have sounded like in my last comment that I'm telling YOU congratulations for your new son Sam, when I obviously know this is your new NEPHEW Sam. UGH...I'm laughing at myself right now.

    Anyway, congratulations on your pregnancy and to Ashley for HER new baby. (Your family is just growing very quickly and I can't seem to keep track.)



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