Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Hunt with the Hustons

For Easter we went to hunt eggs in a wash near my parents house. Russ took the kids on the golf cart and met the rest of us there. By the time we got there he had succesfully trained the kids to do "three cheers for Grandma and Grandpa!" Here they are yelling, "hip, hip, hooray!" Russ loves doing that. Here we are crossing the canal. William was making me nervous.
Russ loved this picture with my mom and this sign.

The love of throwing rocks runs in the family.
Let the games begin.

Here is William looking for more eggs.
Then they built a fire and we had smores.

It was a pretty hot fire.

She loves dirt.

Going back home

The kids ready for the ride home.

It was a fun evening and I am glad Mimi was there to take all the good pictures:)

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