Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Breakfast

In my family we have a christmas breakfast so after opening our presents we made the 40 minute treck out to my parents. We did a little nativity and William did not want to participate which is probably better since he is very particular about how it should go and I don't think the kids would ablidge.

Both the girls got to be the angel and Mary

Check out my nephew. He is only 7 months old and as big as my 17 month old!Here he is sleeping on his big sister Look at those lipsHere is his daddy opeining his gift from Mark and Ashley - a headstone for his baby that was lost about 16 years ago.
And he gave Mark and Ashley the rest of the money he earned for them in his Taco Bell. The total came to $1000.00. Can you believe that?
Here is my nephew going through and wearing his present from us. Dress up cloths. NOBODY like to dress up more than this kid. I also made his a CTR shield to go on a cape my mom had made. He had told his mom he wanted one. The other side is superman like Williams. I also put a scrapbook I made for him many years ago in a new binder because the one it was in was broken and I made a scrapbook with no pictures in it for his little brother. Now they can add whatever pictures they want.
William and Gracie got a shopping cart from my mom and dad and they will love it once we can take it back to the store because it only came with 2 wheels instead of 4.

Russ got a new sweater for church and I got a crop-a-dile! I have been wanting one of those for awhile. It was a beautiful morning. Also because I got to see a video I was in for the first time. To see more go here.

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  1. Bryant wears that cowboy hat 24/7. He also wears his Dr. outfit while fixing Conner's train set. The picture of Kents son is so cute, his lips are HUGE!



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