Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Should have won

My friend Mimi and my sister, along with others I know, love a series of books called The Mortal Instruments. When my sister started reading the books she almost stopped because the main Character, Clary, unknowingly kisses her brother. Others convinced her that he couldn't really be her brother and they are all waiting for book three to come out in March so they can find out.

Well the author of the book came out with a contest and the winner gets an ARC (advanced readers copy) of the last book. Connie had the genius idea to use the song "I Kissed a Girl" but change the lyrics to "I Kissed my Brother" and make a music video. The main girl Clary has red curly hair so you can guess who played that part.

Mimi came over for a few hours the two days before christmas and took photos of me and recorded me singing the "new song" and then stayed up all sorts of hours editing to send it in on Christmas. This is the first stop motion film she has ever done and I think it is soooo amazing.

Just so everyone is clear this is stop motion made only from pictures - there is NO video.

The song is funny - the video is funny. Enjoy.

We won second place:( But the author liked it so much she requested more ARCs from her publisher and got them, soooo we get one! Now I have to finish the first two books, I already started the first one.
I love watching this video and am excited for our next project.


  1. It is funny because when I tell people I say we won...Then I have to correct myself and so no we took second but we get an ARC so in my mind that is winning. But for you this was all about hard work and talent and it is true we did deserve to win if that was the case.
    All I have to say to the winners is "llama face".

  2. oh my word I laughed and laughed! Good work...you really should have won first!

  3. That. Was. AWESOME!

    We're back! Lets get together sometime :)



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