Sunday, December 7, 2008

Taking advantage

Today I took advantage of the fact that:
1. it is overcast outside
2. my kids were in nice clothes
3. my kids like hold hands!

The walked down the whole length of this fence stopping to laugh at each other every few feet.

I tried to give them directions during this impromptu photo taking session, but they ignored everything I said. And thank goodness they did.


  1. Hey Debbie, I saw this on a friend of mine's blog... since i have a red headed hubby and know i will have redheaded kids some say i checked it out.. it's cute! i thought you might like it.

  2. debbie your kids are soooo stinkin cute! That's sooo adorable they love eachother so much!!!

  3. ummm...those are the cutest pictures I have EVER seen!!!!

  4. so handsome and so very sweet :D



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