Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Old Town Christmas

Our ward (church congregation) had an Old England style Christmas party and I loved it. We ALL loved it.If you brought cans to donate you got "money" for some of the shops inside. There was a toy shop were you made a train out of candy (you know William loved that) and a candy shop or a bakery. Here is William shoving a cinnamon roll in his mouth.There was a post office where you could write a letters and an Abby were you could go to worship. Then there was the fireplace were Christmas stories were read. And all the while there were carolers going to the different shops and singing. Aren't they so cute with their bonnets and scarfs?
there were Christmas tree's in the middle of the room that Gracie LOVED to admire (she is like her mom and loves pretty things) and we all gathered around them to sing. And then old saint nick showed up. Here is William peeking around the tree to see him.

Then they got to sit on his lap. Gracie sat there long enough for this picture, but William talked to him for awhile and got some popcorn and a cookie. It was a night well spent.

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