Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feeling a bit altered

This past week and a half have been interesting. My nephew passed away after 2 short days of life. It has been very interesting having this happen at the start of the Christmas season. Knowing this little baby has changed me in many ways, and all for the better.

My brother and his wife asked me to make the guest book and the program for the funeral services. His name, Miles, means soldier and we wanted to go with that theme. Here is the program. My mom and sister in law like the idea of toy soldiers and my brother liked the idea of real soldiers. Here are some picutres of the luncheon. And when I asked what color they would like the guest book to be my brother said, "red". So that is what I had to get started. I couldn't find the kind of book I wanted to use so I went to D.I. and actually found a kids book about D Day full of pictures of soldiers, so I decided to make an altered book. I went to the scrapbook store to look for anything toy soldier and found nothing. But I did find some cute paper that was the colors I wanted, so I got to work. Here is the finished product.

Mark and Ashley said they like, I hope they really do. I am glad I was able to make this for them.


  1. you are a sweetheart. you did a great job for them.

  2. No one. I mean NO ONE is craftier than you. The book and the table center pieces are amazing and adorable. :)

  3. What you did was beatiful. Way to make me cry at work. I can't even begin to imagine . . .



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