Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sweet party

A few days after Christmas 4 years ago, William's sweet cousin Marie was born and the world never saw such a girl! This year we all gathered at her new home to have a surprise party. When she came in she had a blank stare and did not know what to think.
But soon found the idea of a surprise party hilarious.She loved her pink balloons and I captured her admiring her cupcakes - this is not a posed picture she was just turning to me to say, "oh, I have always wanted cupcakes with pink icing!"My sister-in-law Angie had the genius idea to give all the kids a candle in their cup cake - everyone was so happy.I love Anna trying to blow with her pacifier in her mouth. But she did take it out to enjoy the goodness.Kids love cupcakes. I should be better about making them. I am not much of a baker but maybe a fun cupcake a month or something.

We also had this ginormous pizza. Almost as long a Gracie and seriously very yummy. I am all about the party pizza.
Watching her open her presents is sooo fun. There is no one more animated than this girl. She saw Connie bring is her gift and said, "oh I love it!" Then Connie said, "you haven't even opened it yet." and Marie said, "but I love it, I love it!"I had spaced her birthday and so that morning I decided to make some hair clips for her, made of felt fabric and buttons. They turned out cute but since I was in a hurry I did not hand sew them, which I think would make them cutter.
Here she is trying them on. I made them with all different colors and prints of fabric. I think I will be making more soon. I got the idea here.

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