Monday, July 7, 2014

May 2014 randoms

We had some people come resurfaced the pool. They were here all day jackhammering away. I noticed William went outside and sit outside the pool fence to watch them. Next thing I know he's sitting inside the pool gate on a chair watching them. Then I look up to see him sitting on the edge of the pool chatting with one of the workers. He always has been my friendly boy.

I just thought it was cute one day when I saw Jojo sitting in the dress up bin playing.

Building forts… Sort of.

Getting distracted while building a fort. This could be called suitcase of nuts. 

Joseph really likes that Louise can sit in the shopping cart next to him. I'm not quite sure she feels the same way.

Gracie is often successful in getting Jojo to dress up in her clothes. When I took this picture Joe said "this is embarrassing".

Someone (I think Joseph) found an interesting way to eat the strawberries. Creative?

Gracie with her long hair. That is really my fabric wrap to carry Louise in. Also creative.
These fun creative kids make for some fun creative days.

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