Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July 2014

On July 3 Mama Christensen went into the hospital for severe leg pain. Russ went to see her late that night but we decided the next day we wanted to take the kids to go see her too. So after Russ got up and tried to unsuccessfully fix our pool pump we headed over to the hospital with the kids to do a play of Esther for her and Louise played with her bracelets. I think they decided the pain was a reaction to some other medicine or epidurals she has been getting for other pain.
Then because the kids did so well with their play, it was especially great when Joseph as Mordecai ended the play saying "well done Esther!", we took them to get a frosty waffle cone. When we were getting out of the car Louise was able to get a bite of mine and one bite was not enough.

This is what happened when we took it away.

She may be a little bit spoiled.
Later that evening some of my family and some of Russ' family came over for barbecue, swimming in murky water, and fireworks from the front lawn.

Having experiences like this makes me feel all sorts of sentimental. I can't help but think that it may be our last Fourth of July in this house. And that makes me sad but also mostly grateful because we have this home where family can gather and make good memories together.
Then we went outside in the back to do fireworks of our own. 
This year the thought that kept coming to me was the line from the song America the Beautiful, "who more then self their country loved ". I am really grateful for those men and women.

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