Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Mountain Day

We have been spending so much time the past months just getting the house clean and ready to sell that I really needed a break. It's also been really hot so all I could think about driving up to the mountains on Russ' day off. We called it our mountain adventure day, the kids were so excited. Russ decided that we needed to make a time capsule and bury it on Mt. Ord where he proposed to me.
Russ dug while the kids went off exploring.

Then we headed up to Christopher Creek.
Louise really wanted to sit in the creek and she really wanted to put rocks in her mouth. So much so that this is what happened when we took them away:
Russ finally got her sitting up high enough that she couldn't reach the rocks easily and gave her a stick. That kept her happy for a while.
The kids walked up and down the Creek searching for crawdads.

William found a good way to look for the crawdads.
Our leaf skeleton that we found.
I loved hearing Gracie walking down the creek saying "I ain't afraid of nothin'!" She is definitely an adventure girl. 
Joe really wanted to hold the crawdad but he was scared. After much reassuring from Russ and watching Gracie do it he was able to conquer his fear and hold it. He was pretty pleased with himself and it was very fun to watch. 

We are definitely going to need to take some more day trips around AZ. It is a lot of fun and not as much work as preparing to camp with a bunch of kids. It was refreshing to be up there with my family not worrying about anything, just being together in the outdoors. Here's to more adventures. 

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