Thursday, July 31, 2014


I need to apologize for my last post and all the crazy errors is had. It has since been edited but I know that if you read my blog from a reader it would show it in it's original form, which was...crazy! You can probably tell I was using the microphone function on my iPad so I didn't have to type because I was painting. So it turns out this is not something I can multitask. The painting below is one of Beth's that I copied (she gave me permission). 
The one below is one I wanted to do after our drive up to the mountains. I'm not sure if it is done, I may do more to it. 
Whether they are very good or not - I love painting. It turns out that mixing the colors and putting them down next to each other is very therapeutic for me. It has turned into our Sunday morning activity. We listed to hymns and primary songs and we paint. It is calming for the kids and I. Maybe we can even get Russ to join in.
I also want to apologize (to my family mostly) for my lack of posting. I am in a cycle where I get behind and try to catch up and in the process of catching up get so tired of posting that I get behind again. What I really would like to happen is to use this more as a journal. Right now it feels like our pictures with captions but I want to write more about what is happening in our day to day lives. The ways we are learning and growing and how we are feeling. It is harder to do that when I am trying to remember last month. I want to record at the end of the day when the memories are fresh in my head. I hope I can accomplish this because those are the things I want to remember.

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