Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7 and Frozen

Gracie wanted a Frozen party so that is what she got. I was pretty busy keeping the girls entertained that I didn't take too many action shots but a good time was had.
Thank goodness for all the easy ideas I got from Pinterest. And the sparkly tulle my mom already had. I found a fancy blue leotard at a second hand store and my mom added some sleeves and the skirt to make an Elsa dress for Gracie. Then she made sparkly capes for all the girls and they had to go on a Frozen themed scavenger hunt to find those. We made a Let It Go music video of all the girls and then did pin the nose on Olaf. 
Then we had our feast. One of the things Gracie has wanted to do at her party for months was dissolve a sugar cube in water and drink it? Something she learned at school apparently. So we got a tiny squirt bottle of blue powerade concentrate and add a sugar cube to each drink. They loved it.

Then we had cake, which was just a bunch of frosted ice cream sandwiches. Easy as pie, actually much easier. I think they all had a good time and Gracie got all the things she wanted; heeled shoes, make up, Heaven is for Real, glitter glue, sock puppet kit, a necklace, and more. These are all things that make her really happy. 

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