Thursday, July 10, 2014

A day of play

We discovered today that Louise really likes to play the piano.
It was also overcast so it wasn't as hot. It was pretty muggy but the kids still spent a lot of time outside today. They swept out underneath the whole pomegranate tree to make it their treehouse.
They even made a swing in there.
This made my heart so happy. I have been trying basically since we bought the house to get them to realize the awesomeness of this pomegranate tree. I've wanted them to use it as a hideout or clubhouse. They never seem to catch on to that idea. Now they finally have on their own. And now they are enjoying it so much together.

This is the entryway and walkway they made leading up to the door. Notice the doormat also. I'm grateful for the days where they just play and play and play.

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