Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby is 1 month

A view of my room in the middle of the night. My room is pretty small so it made it kind of hard to make my way to the bathroom. At least they are both asleep. 
Louise at one month old. 

She got tired of me taking pictures. 
At one month she is a fairly happy baby. She will smile at us, especially the kids. She is fussy in the evenings and sleeps at night but wakes up to eat 2,3, or even sometimes 4 times a night. I try not to think about that.

Joseph the photo bomber. He is always doing this when I try and take pictures of her. 
I love her smiles and her rolls on her thighs. I love how soft her head is and how she curls into my chest. Her smell is divine unless she is poopy, then she stinks:). She loves it when we take her diaper off and will just lay there happy kicking around. 

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