Friday, December 6, 2013


After Thanksgiving I got the Christmas decor bins out but wasn't intending to put stuff up before I got some of the house clean. While I was nursing in the other room William got to work and I came out to this:
Complete with a lego Christmas tree he made. 
They found all the Santa hats and immediately came to show Louise and I.

This girl sure does get a lot of love.

This Santa hat on Williams globe is probably my favorite of his decorations. I did change our mantle a little but mainly because I had more things I needed to put on it. 

I have been trying not to be a grinch this year. It didn't start off well because even though I hate the idea of Black Friday I made the mistake of looking at the adds and seeing that Kohl's had a lot of stuff I was getting on sale. Russ was working so Connie kindly agreed to watch my kids while I "ran over there real quick". Ha! I was in line for TWO HOURS! Ever since then I have repeatedly had to remind myself what the season is really about and not to get too stressed about getting things done. I think I have done pretty good, I don't think I have ruined Christmas yet. 

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