Sunday, December 22, 2013


This holiday season I have been busy. It is always harder to get things done with a new born and especially when they are nursing. I have been trying to slow down and only do the things that are really important to me. When Connie told me she was going to go out to moms and make popcorn cakes I decided I would join them.
Cause I knew they would be there to help and it would go fast. My mom picked up the groceries for me and they both worked while I nursed. Luckily after Louise went to sleep and let me get to work. 
It was fun laughing with them and listening to Christmas music. Popcorn cakes are something my Grandma Maggie and my mom would make for the family and neighbors while I was growing up so it was something that I wanted to do this year. 
And we made a lot. 
But with help it went quickly. And for wrapping I decided to keep it simple. I could have made cute cards or tags but I just decided it would be much easier to order some from tinyprints. I am so glad I did. They turned out really cute but it was super easy. Just wrapped them up with yarn. 
I used to always make hand made Christmas cards but I just couldn't this year and that's okay cause printed ones are so cute now (I don't feel like that was always the case). Plus I used Harry Potter stamps so that was awesome. 
Another tradition I have is making homemade gifts but I decided it was not wise to put that kind if pressure on myself. It is more important to enjoy the season. I wanted to get Joe a personalized memory game (wanting more games and activities and less toys this year) and I was about to order one when I realized I could make it pretty easily.
I printed onto fabric using the freezer paper method. Cut the pics out. I printed them 2.5 inches but if I did it again I would do 2 inches to I would have more of a border. 
I love the way the pictures look on the fabric.
I picked a fabric for the back and put batting I between, sewed around the edges and trimmed then up when I was done. 

They were so easy to do I decided to make them for a good friends birthday present. 

Gracie gave them to Clara at her party today, I hope she likes them. And we reused the adorable box that JennyB gave us Christmas treats in. 
So there is how I am trying to keep traditions alive, but still take it easy and enjoy this time of year. 


  1. Yeah... I keep forgetting to tell you how amazing that memory game is! We love it and have showed it to everyone that has come to our house since Clara's party. :)

  2. How fun is the memory game! I totally want to make it! So what's the freezer paper method onto fabric? I have never heard of this but am very curious, looks awesome.

  3. That memory game is amazing! I totally want to do it. Tell me what is this freezer paper method on fabric? never heard of it but looks awesome!



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