Saturday, December 7, 2013

Forgetting Thanksgiving

I just realized I posted about Christmas before I posted about Thanksgiving or the rest of November for that matter. Russ worked Thanksgiving day so I got the kids up and dressed by myself and went to pick up Connie before we went to my parents.  

We are all really lucky I decided to snap this picture because it is pretty much the only picture I took, besides the ones below. 
Louise was sleeping really good that day. Poor Joe; all he wants is to be close to her and I feel like all I say to him is, "don't touch her, leave her alone, don't wake her up."
On Friday (after the whole Black Friday ordeal) I hurried home and Connie helped me put together a veggie tray and my green bean casserole. Then I hurried over to my in-laws and spent a lot of time nursing and visiting and no time taking pictures, but it was a lovely afternoon as well. 
I love Thanksgiving so much. The food is nice but more than that I love the chance to be with family and pause to really really think about the things I am grateful for. And like most years the things I am most grateful for aren't "things" at all. 

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