Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I am lucky to have a husband who can mimic a picture from my Pinterest for the kids lunch while I nurse. 
I was also so glad that my kids were okay with keeping things pretty simple this year. 

Gracie was Rapunzel from Tangled after her hair is cut. Which meant she wore a purple dress up dress and I straightened her hair.

William really wanted to be a Pharaoh which was going to be more complicated but my mom swooped in and made him a costume.
And I found this monkey costume at a thrift store. Joseph looked so cute I giggled every time I looked at him. Once when he was putting it on him he said, "does this make me look fat?" He is such a funny kid. 
During the day on Halloween we took them to Main Street to trick or treat and that was fun.
That night Russ took the kids Trick or Treating through the neighborhood. Connie came over to watch Lou so I could go too but she ended up needing to eat so I stayed there with her. The kids had a great time and got way too much candy. And this is the only picture we got. Awesome.
I was just so glad when the whole thing was over. 

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