Saturday, November 2, 2013

October randoms

Getting a space cleared and clean for the birth pool in my room. 
I heard the kids yelling outside and went to see what was going on. The were yelling "pommogranantes for sale" and had a table set up and everything. Too bad they weren't quite ripe yet. 

William all wrapped up in a blanket watching conference. He watched the whole morning session without being asked to. 
I took Joseph to an allergy dr. to find out about his bee allergy. He is pretty allergic to bee's but not anything else that was tested. 

Gracie drew and wrote lollipops :)
Joseph working really hard on drawing a square. 
I did a lesson about the intestines and felt bad that I didn't have a coloring page or anything for it besides holding a string up to see how long intestines are and William took part of the string and made his own page about it. 
Joseph being Nacho Libre 
And eating Nutella fry bread at my moms. 
Connie has now found herself addicted to Korean Dramas. It's pretty funny. She will watch them and read the subtitles to the kids. 
William caught a dove and was pretty happy about it. Gracie caught one another day too. 
Joseph taking care of business in the back yard. 
William being strong. 
Joseph eating a massive carrot that Russ found at the thrift store. 

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  1. One time when Grace and I were watching a little Kdrama and I couldn't read fast enough so I was skipping a lot of words Grace stopped me and told me I could pause it so I could read it all. How did she know I was skipping words?



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