Saturday, November 16, 2013

A week of Louise

On October 24th Louise LaVoice was born. Her birth story will have to wait for another time because I am still waiting for  pictures and video from the birth. 
Here we are seconds after her birth.
She was very calm and chill. This is her and I laying down skin to skin. 
This is her at my feet getting checked out  by Stephanie and Crystal. I love that she is covered in purple gloves. 
Chubby little sweetheart. 
She was (and is) a good eater. 
While I was getting checked out she was out in the living room getting to know  grandmas and grandpas and siblings. Above is a picture of her lifting her head off of pirate grandpas chest. 
Awhile after the kids went home with Russ' parents and apparently William was very restless. He couldn't wait to get back home to his new sister. 
Joseph has had a constant runny nose so he hasn't been able to hold her very much. It has been hard for him and any time he has got to hold her, he is so happy. 
Gracie sure loves having her sister here. 

Getting to know her "nother mother". The first night she was born my mom stayed the night and slept with her and would bring her to me when she needed to eat. The next night Connie did the same thing. I am so blessed. 
Cheeks! And nose! 
A few days after she was born the kids had their primary program. I didn't want to miss it so Connie and I came in late and left before the closing song and prayer. The kids did so good on their parts and singing the songs. I am glad I went. Louise did good too, she slept in Russ' arms the whole time. 
Later that day we went to my parents so that we could take a nap and have someone to hold Louise and the kids could play. Connie drove and Russ sat in the back and fell asleep with the rest of the kids. William was the only one awake bak there. 
I am just in love with this chubby little girl. 
One night Russ and the kids were out doing 4H stuff and me and Lou went out and sat on the porch swing in the perfect weather and watched the sunset. 
Look at this sweet position she is in. She just wants to melt our hearts. 
This is her milk drunk smile while I burped her. 
At her one week appointment (one day early). Stephanie had had a hard day that morning and needed baby snuggles. Good thing Louise was in a good mood and just snuggled and cuddled her. The first week of her life was busy (I didn't post about Joseph's birthday or Halloween) but it has also been peaceful and magical. 

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  1. I just love her. And I love the liederhosen on Joe, and I love Russ in the back seat. That looks SO uncomfortable, but with a new baby you can sleep anytime, anywhere.



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