Saturday, November 2, 2013

William is 9!

Look at this boy! This Is the morning that he turned nine. He has been such a good helper with Louise. He loves to hold her and gets so sweet and quiet when he is around her. 

He says he doesn't like being the oldest, but his siblings sure are lucky I have him as a big brother. I warned him that since I would have a new baby we would have a low key birthday. On his birthday we had grandparent and Connie come over for gifts. 
Here he is with the Lego set Connie got him. He was pretty excited about that because I told him he has too many Legos and I won't buy him anymore. 
He got a pocket knife from me and used it to open other presents. 
Grandma C made cookies (that I could NOT stop eating) . Looks like someone was sneaking some. 
Then grandpa stayed to help him set up his whole set. I wish I took a picture if the finished product. William was so happy about it. Then that Saturday (thanks to groupon) we got a good deal and took some of his friends to celebrate his and Joe's birthday. 

I couldn't get any good pictures cause everything moved so fast. 

I think they all had a really good time. They are a fun group of boys. 
Grandma H made his favorite peach for dessert for Sunday dinner that week. 

So even though we kept it low key we got to celebrate a lot. Then we tried to take pictures of Kasey and Louise. 

With such floppy babies its hard. 
Then Loulou had a blowout and got poop everywhere! 

So back to William and the fact that he is 9. The other morning I went to wake him up and stopped and stared at him for awhile cause he looked so much like a teenager! It was weird. These years have flown by and been the hardest most rewarding me my life. What a privelesge it has been to watch him grow.

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