Thursday, November 7, 2013

Before the baby came

When Louise's due date came and went I was pretty bummed. I wasn't expecting her early but I was having stronger Braxton hicks then ever before so I thought maybe she would be "on time" or at least not 11 days late like Joe. 
This is a pumpkin muffin that I got for stopping by to visit with my friend Jenny. It was so delicious I ate at least 2 on the drive home. The day before I had a really bad day and talking with Jenny lifted my spirits so much.
One Saturday morning I was all alone cause Russ was working and Connie had the kids over to spend the night. I needed to close our irrigation and went out in my flip flops and slipped and totally bruised my tail bone in a bad way. It hurt so bad I cried. I also cried at the thought of how it might make birth so much worse.
Here I  holding my new niece Kasey and hoping it would somehow motivate my baby to come out. I hope these girls are always close.
My friend Angela stopped by to give me due date flowers and some yummy treat. The flowers smelled great for days and made me grateful for good friends.
Russ and I got these Kettcar things for the kids to ride around in the yard. They are fine but work best on concrete. I thought they would be able to ride them around the yard easier.
We went out as a family to Ah-So. Charity swears it puts you into labor. I thought it couldn't hurt and the kids loved it, but no labor.

I had to put this picture In there to document the dress that I wore around the house this whole pregnancy. It was just too comfortable.
One day Russ was out mowing the lawn and I decided to help to make things go faster (he was weed eating) and hoping I could encourage the baby out. Didn't work. But I did have a good time, I love being out in the yard.
Joseph helping at the midwifes. Stephanie gave me a pep talk that made me feel better and told me to come to a bellies meeting that night. She said being around all the pregnant women can start labor. So I went and had a really nice evening.

The baby didn't come that night but she did come the next night, the night of the same day that I gave up hopin that she would come before Joseph did. I stopped caring and that night woke up to some really painful contractions.

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