Thursday, March 29, 2012

Growing Joe

One day Gracie called me to come and see that Joseph learned to draw on the chalk board (he also draws on everything else with chalk too).
Gracie was pretty excited about this. The look on her face in the next three pictures kills me.

This guy is growing up so fast.

He is starting to talk so much more and I can understand most of it. 
fie (used to be fah) = pacifier 
MA! and Mama = Mom (sometimes I can get his to say mommy and it is really cute)
Dada = Dad
Um = William 
Um and See = Gracie
Ha = hat
bucca bucca bucca (said quickly) = cup
baba and bowme = bottle
nana = banana
sigh = outside
soak = sock
show = shoe
ffff = the sound any weapon makes
he will also say; no, yeah, yes, car, hat, cookie, and have"

When he says "have" that means he wants you to give him something. He will point to something he wants and say "have, have, have" until you give it to him. This morning when he wanted out of his crib he reached to me and said, "have". Melted my heart.

This kid is a sweetie but also a stinker. If he doesn't get his way he will yell "no" over and over, stomp and cry and sometimes he will sit down and then slowly lay down on the floor. I love his cautious tantrum. It makes me laugh every time. He loves babies and can't get enough of my friend Anna's little girl Hazel. He was hugging (putting his head on her), kissing, and crawling around with her in the happiest mood yesterday. It was pretty cute.
He loves to play outside and at the park. We drove by a park the other day and he pointed out the window and said, "weee" so I stopped so we could play for a little bit. 


  1. Oh, goodness. Where do I start with this one? I LOVE Gracie's face in those pics, as well. Priceless. Ha, ha! I also love all the translations for how Joseph says things. (It also makes me think about Gavin's future language and I can't wait!) I love that he wanted you to take him out of his crib, saying "have" and it melted your heart. That would melt mine, as well. So sweet. "Cautious tantrum?" Oh, man, I love that! I feel I need to see one of these. Video, please? ;-)

  2. Hazel throws the "cautious tantrum" too (I've been trying to think of a way to describe that - thanks for the help!). And every time I think about him following Hazel while opening and closing his hands it makes me crack up.



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