Monday, March 26, 2012

Playing in REAL snow

Last Monday was Russ' day off (as usual) and Williams first day back to school after spring break. But his cousins had two weeks of spring break and there was a lot of snow happening north of us, so William ditched school and we declared it a snow day! I am really proud of us for doing this because:
1. Russ had big plans to do a lot of yard work that day (and the yard really needed it)
2. I would have to dig out all the winter clothes and get all that together
3. Joseph had started teething pretty bad the day before (4 molars coming in at once)
All of these things made the trip seem very unappealing, but I knew the kids would love it and there is nothing that compares to spending time/making memories with the people you love. Like Dieter F. Uchtdorf said in his talk Of Things That Matter Most, "In family relationships love is spelled t-i-m-e". (and after skimming that talk to find the actual quote I decided I am going back to read the whole thing once this post is done cause it is AMAZING, even if you are not Mormon, and full of stuff I need to hear...again:) I believe that quote and I am so happy we we took the time and spent it with people we love.
Get ready for a picture overload.

First signs of snow.

Even Joseph noticed it and was pointing it out to me.

Mister Matthew ready for fun (he actually wasn't too crazy about the snow).

Miss Marie loved it (sorry a few pictures were really bright and it took me a while to realize it)

When I knew we were going I immediately called Connie cause I figured she would want to come, and I was right. She took the day off.
Joseph was so bundled up it was hilarious.

Grandma and Anna making a snowman.

The lovely Vaeh. 

Angie helping the kids with the snowman

This poor little guy didn't like the snow. He wanted to play in the mud.

The kids (and I) loved eating the snow. It was so soft and fresh and tasted so good. I tried to convince Russ that we should come back and bottle some:)

I think most the kids tried a face plant.

Gracie having a bit of snow.

Joseph spent a lot of time being held.

Gracie loved it so much

Sliding down the hill on a bin lid that my mom brought. 

check out that snowball that William is about to throw at Marie!

Gracie found a bed.

They didn't play for much more than an hour. By that time they were wet and freezing and ready to go home. It was perfect.


  1. I loved the picture overload! But I'm a little jealous, we've been talking of a snow trip all Winter long...

  2. Gracie was in heaven, it was funny.



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