Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mother Goose

The other morning at the thrift store I found an awesome book of nursery rhymes with pictures done by Gyo Fujikawa.
I am in love with his drawings. Last night I had a craft night of sorts where people could come over and bring a craft. I didn't have any projects that I was working on (??) so I spent the time trying to learn how to draw like this guy. Mainly I am just trying to learn how to draw. Now I am going to show you some of my favorite pictures.

I mean look at all these mice on the ship!

Some pages are full of little black and white drawings and some child has lovingly circles many of the rhymes.

This next one is my favorite. 

I have never been so tempted to take a book apart to frame the pages. 


  1. That IS a cute book! Instead of taking it apart, you could always make color copies and do what you want with them.

  2. GORGEOUS photos! And I am dying at that alphabet spread- I can see my kids names in that style. SO SWEET. Can't wait to see what you manage to draw- I'm sure it will be lovely. You are so talented.



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