Monday, January 31, 2011

We have entered an new era

Williams buddy Owen learned how to ride a bike without training wheels so William wanted to go home and lean how to do it that day! We tried to explain to him that it could take a couple days and you have to practice a lot. We took his training wheels off.
He wasn't perfect, but there were no tears - only smiles.
Good thing we put his helmet on him before he cashed into the fence.

Before too long he was doing it.

And he had to go show Owen.

And now we have reached a new era of little boys off riding their bikes. This means before school and right after they get home. This means William going to his friends house and his friends coming over here with out the texting between moms to see if it is okay. They just show up.

And they don't ride in the street anymore, that was just a good place to learn.

And don't forget Elliot on the tricycle. Love it.

Now I just need to get Gracie to ride her bike with training wheels. And I want to get a bike so that we can go on bike rides together.

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