Thursday, January 13, 2011

I reached my goal

You all may have noticed before I did that my hair is long. Really long for me. My goal (set years ago) was to grow it to my chest. The other morning I realized - I'm there.
As a reward I am taking myself to a curly hair salon called Curls Gone Wild in Gilbert. I am so excited that it is there. I had a consultation and the stylist is going to show me how to get my hair to be more manageable. So it doesn't end up in a pony tail every day. But it probably will anyway cause...I have a baby and he already grabs my hair.
Anyway, I am really excited cause it is hard to find someone who knows what to do with my hair. She had a lot of great reviews online so maybe she can teach me a thing or two about my hair.


  1. Let us know what cool tips you learn. My hair may not be as curly as yours, but I have struggled my whole life to manage these curls in a way other than straightening them out...and that takes way too much time!

  2. definately could use the tips my hair is a real pain! I was told though it would be easier to manage longer because the weight would be more at the the pony tail is a quick fix



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