Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas eve 2010

On Christmas eve my mom brought over the loud singing reindeer and the kids loved it.
We got the kids bathed and had a lovely dinner. William knew he got to open one present on Christmas eve and he carried it around with him most of the night. He could not stop talking about it.

(Notice in the above picture the reindeer wrapped gift leaning against the fire place. That is my moms gift to Russ and I say she wins best wrapping job.)
Both kids got to open a game. William has always loved playing Trouble at his grandparents house this is a Star Was version. He was pretty happy. I love it because there is a little R2D2 inside the bubble and it makes R2 noises every time you pop it. Apparently I like R2D2.

The face on this little girl is priceless.

It is fun to give gifts when the kids like them this much. I loved this Bed Bugs game when I was a kid so I got it for her. I got them this game so we could play it that night.

Connie and William played Trouble and Gracie would come and "help" Connie. It was hilarious to watch because every time after she would move the game piece she would turn and give Connie a big hug

William won. It was a very close, very exciting game.
After the kids were in bed my brother Ryan showed up with some huge sparklers so we got the kids back out of bed and lit them.

It was cold out there so my dad wrapped up in a blanket and pretended to be the Grinch. Good ole Dad.

The kids loved the sparklers
After that we put the kids to be to wait for the arrival of Santa. Christmas is so much fun with kids and each year that they grow older the more fun it gets. I am sure that won't always be the case, but I will take it and enjoy it for now.

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  1. Cute. I love those pics of Connie and Gracie. Gracie looks so huggable!



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