Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Gracie

Dear Gracie,
The best and most recent news about you is that you are potty trained! Yippee Hurray! I was nervous about training you with a new baby around, but apparently I waited long enough because you pretty much got it in one day. You had a few accidents (and still do every now and then) but really you did so well and we are all so happy about it. Sometimes when you are sitting on the potty you will look up at me and say, "I go on the potty and you are proud of me". Yes, I am.

One thing about you being potty trained is that often times you put your pants back on backwards. This means that they fall down a lot. Which means we see a lot of you tush and I love it.
And you don't seem to mind either, cause when I tell you they are on backwards you just say "no their not".

One day recently when you had an accident I told you to go and pick out some new cloths and you found this Christmas dress and decided to wear it. I could tell that you thought you were so beautiful and of course you were.

In fact that day when William came home from school he took one look at you and said, "Gracie you look so pretty." You beamed and I died. You guys can be so cute sometimes.
Another awesome thing about you is you like really cool movies. I will show you movies that I think are cool or fun and you always like them. You, like William, could watch movies all day so we have to limit it to one a day. I love the picture below where you are chillin' with Joseph, eating an apple, wearing your Daddy's shoes and watching The Labyrinth.
Here you are telling Joseph all about the Goblin King. You love Joseph too much. I have to tell you to sit back all the time because you are always right up in his face. You love to talk and play with him and he loves it too.
You get so excited when Daddy comes home. You ask about him all day and you love to visit his work and play with the big green ball. You also love seeing Connie. You pretend to talk to her on the phone all the time.
You say "beenember" instead of remember. You say "I'm not bigger enough" when you can't reach something and then you go get the black chair so you can climb up and reach it. If you did something in the past it was on Tuesday and if you are going to do something it is always on Tuesday. For example, "beenember I went to the carousel on Tuesday?" You also talk a lot of gibberish and nonsense and I think it is because you want to talk, but don't have anything to say. So you just say the first think that pops into your head.
You love dance class eve since your recital. You can't wait to go back on stage again.You refer to the girls in your class as "my girls" and are always showing me pretty dance moves.
And last, but not least, you argue a lot. This just started and already I want to pull my hair out. It does not matter what I say, you will disagree with it or tell me no. Sometimes when I ask you to do something you will tell me "no" while you are doing it. You just like everything to be your idea. You will say things that are not true just to get William arguing with you - and he will always argue with you. For example when we were all driving in the car you turn to William and say, "Mommy is not in the car." To William has to respond, "yes she is". And then we have the "nu uh, ya huh" war going. This drives me crazy. I think it is going to be a long week of time-outs but hopefully we will stop this arguing business.
But mostly you are a sweetie that brings so much happiness and song (you sing all the time) into our lives and we love you tons. I love you tons.

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