Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year ramblings

This year will definitely be awesome cause this little guy is here. Getting to witness (and completely enable) the first year of another persons life is a precious gift that I don't intend to waste. A lot of milestones will be hit for this little guy in 2011 and I am excited for him.
 So I had a baby and he is now old enough that I feel a little more in control of my life. I miss the tiny baby already but I have to admit that I am glad that stage has passed because even though I love the sweet tiny baby, there is so much craziness. Like no sleep, trying to figure out feeding, and hormones. Things seem to be getting back to normal and I am grateful. I had another basement sale and it was a lot of fun. we had 12 vendors there and it was fun meeting all of those great gals.

Christmas came and went and I didn't make anything this year. Except an advent calendar for my friend. Oh yeah and our stockings. I go the idea online somewhere. I saw a picture of it last year (?) the year before (?) and I don't remember where, but it reminded me of a friend and I owed her so I made it for her and was lame and did not even make a way to hang it. It was everything I could do to get it ready by the 1st.

I started this post on the first Monday of the year and that week tuned out to be a crazy one (for reason beyond my control). So here I am a week later pretending it is the first week of the year. last week left me very physically and emotionally drained and tired. I hope to recover soon.
I have some New Years resolutions (that got completely ignored last week) that I hope I can master this year. Here they are:
1. Say 10 minute prayers - they don't actually have to be 10 minutes exactly, but the idea is that when I think I am done praying to stop and think of more, cause there is always more. This will also mean more meditating which is something I need.

2. Finish the Book of Mormon that I am marking for Grace. I do pretty good to read everyday and I just want to keep that up.

3. Go to the temple once a month. This shouldn't be hard for us but it is because we are lame.

4. Do yoga three times and week. At least. I know it would make my body feel so much better. Right now my back hurts me more than it should. When I stand up from sitting for a long time my lower back pops and it is hard for me to stand straight up. I feel like I am way too young to feel like this. I know doing yoga would help, now it will just be motivating myself to do it.

5. Go to a hot yoga class once this year.

6. Early to bed, early to rise. My goal is in bed by 10 up by 6 maybe even 5:30 depending on the schedule Joseph gets on.

7. Go on 1 date a month with Russ. Sometimes it feels like this is a selfish desire because I like doing it so much, but in reality it is a need for the whole family. I would really like to say once a week, but I am a realist.

8. Read the first 2 Harry Potter books with William. We are already three chapters into the first one.

9. The house. Ha! There is so much I want to get done with the house that I don't want to put any of it on this list. It needs its own list. But I do want to start posting pictures on this blog room by room for motivation to get them done and some feedback and advice. Sometimes you just need a pair of fresh eyes, cause I am kinda in a rut when it comes to decorating. I was sick when we moved in so my attitude was, "just put that there for now" and now that I have had things that way for so long it is hard for me to envision another way.

10. My most important resolution I just came up with right now and that is - Be Happy. I am happiest when I am spending non stressful time with my family. But somehow the "stuff" of life gets in my way. And for some reason I get more frustrated with my family when the "stuff" competes for my time, But I love my family more. Why does this happen? It is a mystery to me, but my goal is to reverse it. And anytime I can - just let the "stuff" go and be happy.

happy new year.


  1. I started reading HP to Alex when he was just 6. We would read a little every night and then I'd spend more time explaining what I had just read. By the time he was 10 he was able to take off and read all by himself with book 5. It was a good feeling watching him grow and us bonding over books. I am so happy for you and William. HP is a great, great story to share! :D

  2. I realize I am WAY late on commenting on this post, but I just have to tell you how much I LOVE that picture of Joseph!! I mean, LOVE!!!! Way, way too cute. :)



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