Saturday, June 14, 2008

Then and Now

I HATE and LOVE that my kids are growing up. I also love that they are so opposite. Some people say they see a resemblance and I do too, but it is a small one. I really feel like the are both 50% Russ and 50% Debbie, just the opposite 50. For example William took my hair and Russ eyes and Gracie took Russ' hair and my eyes. Those are just two examples and I see more everyday. We always called William out tender heart, he would cry if you just looked at him wrong. When William yells at Gracie she ignores him and acts like she could care less. If I tell her no she either smiles and continues or gets really mad and starts hitting her chest. She climbs and William didn't, she dances and William didn't. William would snap (or try to) to music and Gracie clicks her tongue. William didn't point at things like most babies do, Gracie is pointing all over the place. It is so fun to see all their different characteristics. Both so different, both so wonderful.


  1. So, is one Gracie and the other one William in the Pooh costume??? because I swear they look exactly the same!

  2. That's nice that you have a nice mixture in each kid. :) They will balance each other out nicely.

  3. William is on top and Gracie is on the bottom.



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