Sunday, June 22, 2008

We Grow Together - Bridal Shower

Here are the pictures of the bridal shower. I stole the theme - We Grow Together - from a post on the grooms blog that he wrote about his bride. The bride is a freestyle free spirit kinda girl and I wanted to reflect that. You can see the invites for the shower in this post.
This is the entry tableThese are the fabric flower pins that I made and gave out as favorsThis was the wheat grass I grew and also gave away as favors. Since it was a come and go sort of thing I didn't see when everyone left so not everyone got one and I have a few extra pots of wheat grass. Want one anyone?This is the food - Sweet pork salad recipe from Cafe Rio - very good. The bottles are ones I reuse and love. I make the labels, these say A&R June 2008. For dessert we had an ice cream cone bar with crushed candy bar to dip them in.And cup cakes that I baked in little glass cups. I purchased the cups (tea light holders) at IKEA and have never regretted it. I have now used them to hold a flower in water, tea lights, cake, and I have another idea for them. We'll have to see at the next party I throw.I know it is hard to see, but the flags say, "We grow together" Alexis & Riley with a little butterfly in the corner. I was going to use the butterfly lanterns that I used at this party, but ran out of set up time and decided to scratch them. And this is the gift I made for her. This is a silhouette of them kissing from a picture on their wedding announcement. I loved the fabric and just knew I had to use it. And Alexis, if you are reading this - I forgot to put a way for you to hang it on the back - whoops.

It turned out great and was a lot of fun. Thank you Jennie for letting me use your beautiful house. It will be nice when I have my own place to have my shin digs at.


  1. I'll take a pot of grass!!
    You are an amazing shower thrower! Love it!


  2. Did I mention that Riley loves the silhouette and was wondering where you bought the fabric so we could make pillowcases. Thanks again for everyhting and especially for being at the sealing, I love you guys

  3. i want grass!! also, i wish i could have eaten your food. those burritos looked delish... stupid flu.



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