Friday, June 6, 2008

Cutting Teeth

So my little one is teething. Not fun for anyone. But not all that bad either since I have these

They are homeopathic, easy to use, Gracie loves them, and dut-du-du-duuuuh THEY WORK!

William had an ear ache and he is on amoxicillin and he loves it. It reminds me of being little and taking medicine out of one of these bad boys. I loved it too. I used to fill these up with water and pretend I was taking medicine.I should get one of these for the little guy, I bet he would love it.


  1. I remember my mom using those on my brother and sister. My kids never really had a hard time teething. but they also make ones for colic and Channing took them. They make them for about a million different ailments and I took quite a few varieties growing up:) My older kids also love medicine. They will fight over who gets the first dose of tylenol or benadryl. Sad huh!

  2. Jacie - yeah I was in a health food store once and saw all the different tablets. Do they have one for upset stomach because Gracie barfed all over me last night. And this was no spit up, she definately threw up.



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