Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Dear William,
you are turning into such a big boy. Now that I am the primary choraster I get to see you in primary and you are so cute. You love your teacher and act so grown up. I also love watching you with your preschool buddies. This is you guys yesterday before we ate the cake that we made.

You are always trying to make everyone laugh. This is one of the awesome funny faces that you make.

And this next picture reminds me of a picture we took of your father when he combed his hair and came in the room with Aunt Connie, Lauren, and myself and Lauren said, "well hello Mr. Darcy." He you are, Mr. Darcy Jr.

You have just reached the age where you ask A LOT of questions. This gets really hard to handle, but you have gottan to the point where you will stop if I tell you it is too many questions.
You love your little sister so much and are so good to her and this makes me so happy. You take a nap in my bed so sometimes I lay down with you and you always ask me to "scratch you". That means scratch your head and play with your hair. You also ask me to scratch your back and this has to be done under your shirt. Sometimes you will rub my arm or play with my hair. I love you so much.

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