Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Music to my ears

I used to be sort of a music buff, but in the past couple of years checking out new music has moved down on the list of things to do. Luckily I have great family. Between my sister, Connie and Russ' brother Brett and his wife Natasha giving us some mixed Cd's, I have been listening to some sweet new tunes (at least they are new to me). Here are some of my favorites:
Julian Velard

If you go here you can listen to his tunes. I really like Jimmey Dean and Steve McQueen. His voice is super sexy, I love it.

Okay, this chick is awesome. I LOVE the song Inside and Out. The first time we listened to it, when is came to the chorus Russ says, "oooh yeah, I like this song." Then later in the song he says, "seriously this is jammin." We listen to it all the time. I am sure it would be quite amusing to be next to me at the stop light when I am listening to this. Look it up, cause I didn't get a link.


The Shins
Now I have some of the Shins on my ipod and like them, but I love the song Australia. Now I can only understand what they are saying 40% of the time, but Shins songs are all nonsense anyway, right? If you go here you can watch the video. But, I think you should just listen to it with your eyes closed and picture me dancing.

Why doesn't my spell check work? I can't function without spell check!

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