Thursday, February 28, 2008

She works hard for the money

Russ and I are going to be doing this -

So that in a few months we can do this -
Russ is really excited about this, it has always been a dream of his to work with Shamu. William will love this so much so I am pretty excited that we will be going on this family vacation. I also hope to earn enough to get me this -
Or something like it, here's hoping.

Well, today I went to donate for the first time and it was fine. I read a book the whole time and it was not that uncomfortable but when I got up to get paid I almost passed out and had to sit on the floor and then lay on the couch. It was embarrassing but it won't stop me from returning. I really want a new camera. If it happens again though, I may have to call it quits.


  1. I told Dave that I wanted to donate plasma to pay for a new camera too. Oh what we won't do for that beautiful lens. :)

  2. So, how involved is donating plasma? and how much do you get paid for it? I want all the details! (not like I could ever do it, I am such a baby! or I am ALWAYS having a baby! ha)

  3. Here is pays $20 for about 45 min to and hour of your time. If you have a hard time giving blood this would not be the thing for you. They take your blood out through a needle, separate the plasma then send the red blood cells back in. And you can do it twice a week.

  4. Carter is sitting with me and when he saw Shamu, he just about jumped off my lap in excitement!! WE LOVE SEA WORLD!! Luckily we have one in San Antonio and we've gotten season passes- you will LOVE IT!!

  5. Debbie, i am laughing so hard right now. I thought you were going to be working or something logical not selling your blood. Oh Debbie, you do work hard for the money!

  6. Hey we are planning a family trip to sea world too. When are you guys going?



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