Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Take me to the Show

Warning:This could possibly be the longest post ever.

So Wednesday we (Connie, Alexis, Russ, and I) got up bright and early to drive to LA to see our favorite band, Travis in concert. Yes, this was the day before Thanksgiving and yes, the first time I have left my kids overnight (with the exception of leaving William while I was having Gracie) and yes, I did cry (but only a little). We drove all day and it was nice to be able to just sit and talk, and talk, and talk. I have been to see all my favorite band in concert, most of them more than once, but never Travis. So this was very exciting.

We got there in time to enjoy some Rosco's Chicken and Waffles.

Poor Connie, they brought us all our food except for her, she had to wait. Then Russ and I were able to meet up with this little cutie and she showed us her stompin' ground. Russ' brother and sister in law reside in LA so we got to meet up with them and talk for awhile. It was fun, but somehow only Harper made it onto my camera. She is just too cute, Brett and Natasha - you guys are cute too!

While we were doing that Connie and Alexis ran into these guys
In fact, they met the whole band. Connie called me all flustered and soooo excited to tell me all about it and I told her to take her picture to a 1 hour photo so she could get it signed after the show. They both did this and after the show both Fran and Dougie said, "I am wearing the exact same thing" when they saw the picture. But you have to imagine them saying it with adorable scotish accents. Now for the slide show of the show, I put a lot of pictures in there and for those who don't care so much, they will most likely all look the same.

I will be posting a few video clips soon.

After the show we waited FOREVER outside and it got pretty cold.

Finally they came out and it was great to meet them. They are just about the nicest guys. I think that Dougie may have been a little tipsy. We got to thank them for their music and performance and chat with Fran about my kids and his boy. I told him that Williams favorite songs are Closer and My Eyes.

I know this is quite possibly the worst picture of both Russ and I, but I don't really care because I was and am so happy just to see them.

Russ had Fran sign his arms like he did with Ben Folds.

After that we got in the car and started to drive home. I was asleep in the back and Russ was driving. After a few hours he got tired and pulle dover and we all slept in the car until I woke up and my nose was cold so I told them we either needed to drive or get a hotel. So we drove the rest of the way. This is Russ "watching" Gracie after we got home.
My kids didn't hate me when I got home and seemed to do fine without me. All in all it was an AWESOME trip and I can't wait to go again.


  1. Best trip ever!!! it has been a week and I am still on some sort of Travis High. I still feel like we are pretty much the coolest people I know, well besides Travis of course. And I still feel like I am full of love.

  2. Also I think Fran looks the best in your picture.

  3. That is AWESOME. How fun to have an amazing trip without the kiddos! Love concerts!! It looked like a good one!
    So you moved!?? We'll have to catch up at next book club!

  4. Why can't i wipe this grin off my face? :))))))))) It is just so big.
    Connie said it and it rings true still two weeks later, i;m so happy cause your so happy. I can't wait until next year when we can road trip like we used to and rock like never before!



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