Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Night

For Halloween dinner I made these mashed potato ghosts and carrot leaves. William thought that they were pretty special and ate every single one! Russ said it was the best Halloween dinner he every had. Watch out for next year, it will be complete with headstone shaped meat, broccoli shrubs, and sweet potato pumpkins. (I get all my ideas from Martha Stewart's website. Well, not all, but most)

I made the ghosts using a zip lock bag with a hole in it. When Russ wanted seconds he went to try and do it and squeezed too hard or something because it came out every which way. I thought that instead of just scooping out more potatoes with a spoon he wanted more ghosts. I seriously married a boy in a mans body.

After dinner we headed out to our ward Trunk-Or-Treat. William got pretty good at saying Trick-or-treat and definitely enjoyed getting the candy.

Gracie and I went as little pink bunnies. Well, Gracie was a little pink bunny, I was a big one. Thanks Aunt Kirsten for the costume! It was so soft a snugly warm. By the way, she did NOT like us drawing on her nose and face.

Russ and William were, as stated before, Nemo and Marlin. William loved his costume, but for some reason whenever he would put it on he would say, "I don't want to show you." We would tell him he didn't have to show anyone and he would be fine.
I was talking to Tia and turned around to find Marlin and Little Orphan Annie sitting on a rock together talking about how he couldn't find his son and she couldn't find her parents. Actually I think they were showing each other their candy, but whatever.

Gracie was so cute, she never made a noise just hung over my arm like this staring at the ground the whole time. I thought she must have been asleep, but she wasn't.

When we got home our good ole' neigh boor Ricky brought over some Halloween cup cakes and William could not have been more excited.
But, unfortunately while eating this cup cake he bit his finger, I guess it was too good to concentrate on where his finger was. Isn't that such a sad face?

After that William and Russ took off with Chris and Trenton to their class Halloween party. They had fun and got to ride in a Limo. That was pretty exciting. Not so exciting was the "legitimately scary" zombies that came to the party. Apparently William thought they were going to eat him and neither he nor Trenton would let their Dad's put them down the rest of the night. Isn't that sad?


  1. Cool it Martha Stewart, you're making the rest of us look bad:) Seriously Beautiful family pictures, throwing parties, cooking, baking, and ghost mashed potatoes. Maybe I'm not adjusting to a new baby as well as you are:) I wish we lived closer.

  2. Yeah, what the heck! Jeff's just lucky if I've THOUGHT about dinner before he gets home from school! Now I have to live up to "Russ's wife", which is what he'll compare me to. Thank a lot!
    Jokes. I love your blog, your dance moves and your ice cream pumkins. Seriously cute family photos too.

  3. Channing was standing on his tip toes. They are pretty close in size though: We recently went to the Dr. and Ainsley weighs three pounds more and is an inch taller than him.

  4. Okay, I just have to make a comment about the big picture you have of William and Gracie at the top of your blog. It's cute once you look at it, but at first glance, it looks like he's "going in for the kill". Is Russ teaching him skills not needed yet?

  5. oh debbie. you are DEFINITELY hired to plan my wedding. if i have one. (not saying i wont get married, just sayin i dont know how much of a wedding i really want.)

    I laughed so hard with this post. I miss you guys, and i miss seeing russ and having our small talk in the institute. thank goodnes the holidays are coming up!!

  6. Loving the ghost mashed potatoes!!!! well - really EVERYTHING!!! Way cute!



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