Thursday, November 15, 2007

Out of Service

We had to move suddenly and I have not been able to post, this only bothers me because I have not posted about William's birthday (the 1st) and it is the the 15th!!! I will be updating soon.
I would also like to apologize for the song in the slide show below. I like the song, but did not realize the video would play and it is just distracting. I am supposed to be able to edit my slide show and take it off, but for some reason this does not work. So, sorry.

1 comment:

  1. So you will see this comment when your back in service. By the way sorry for getting off the phone so soon the other day, as you can see from my blog been a tad bit distracted lately! Anyway i love all of your posts and I loooove the pictures Jamelle took they are amazing and your really cute mashed potatoes you made on Halloween and that picture of William and Eiley too cute!



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