Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Birthday Party

So before the beginning of October I was planning Williams birthday party. Then I found out we had to move and with the stress of all that party plans quickly left my mind. Luckily I had decided to throw a joint party with his best buddy Trenton. His birthday is the 2nd, but he turned 4. So his mom, Brittany, put on a wonderful birthday for them and the kids had a lot of fun. William was determined to have a Marlin Party and Trenton wanted a Transformers party. It all worked out well. Here they are hitting the Pinate, Trenton broke it. What strong young man.

Cake!!!They blew out the candles together. It was so cute.

Opening presents - he got some awesome presents! Thanks everyone!

It turned out very fun. Thanks all for coming and thank you Brittany for doing it all. You saved my life, or at least Williams birthday!

Okay, I also had to post this adorable picture if William preschool lesson that he brought home a couple of weeks ago. Don't they look so cute!

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