Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Move

So now I will explain the sudden move that just occurred. What am I talking about, it is still occurring. I hope that I can get through this because all that I am about to write about has really stressed me out. It all started on October the 18th When we went to a section 8 meeting and found out that we would have to move into a 2 bedroom rather than the three bedroom we were in. This was depressing because not only did we love the place we were in, but we love our ward. The next day we went down to the valley to spend with Russ parents. When we got home I spent that week searching for a place to live that fit all the criteria. This was unbelievably difficult to do and the last place we looked was out last hope because nothing else was going to work. Once we knew where we were going to live I spent the next week going through everything in our house to get rid of anything that we did not really need to keep since we were going from 1600 square feet to 919. Aarrrghhh!!! This also happened to be the week that I had Williams preschool at our house, our Halloween FHE party, Halloween, Williams birthday, William birthday party, and the yard sale on the same day. The yard sale went well and we got rid of almost everything. Unfortunately, because of the week I had I was not able to go through everything which resulted in a trip to dump a lot of stuff at Savers. The week that followed was the week to pack since we would start moving that Friday. We got as much packing done as we could then on Friday a bunch of Russ' buddies from school came to help us move. Russ mom and dad and brother also came with his 2 girls. With all the help we were able to get a lot done that day. The guys moved all the big items and boxes that we had packed with in a few hours. I can not say how much I appreciated the help. If any of you are reading this, THANK YOU! And thank you to the wives for sparing your husbands for a few hours.
So we spent the whole weekend unpacking and getting settled and then going to the old place, getting more of our junk that we didn't pack and bringing it back, unpacking it and getting settled. And this just ended today. I am in the valley, but Russ just got everything out of the old apartment and into the new and he is on his way down here so we can go to a concert, but that is for another post, a happy post. Everything is in the new apartment, but there is stuff everywhere and it is far from finished. Part of me wants to go home and get it done, but a lot of me just wants to stay here and relax. This is where we ate dinner for the first week in the apartment, and probably where we will eat when we get back.

The first day of the move Williams grandparents gave him some gifts and you can tell he was having fun that day by how dirty his face is.

Russ was getting ready to move this and found someone in it. I love the way his mind works.

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