Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Scooter

I know that you are thinking this blog is about the new vespa I purchased, but there is no such thing. My scooter is my Gracie. On Thursday night I attended my book club. Which was, as always, delightful. I enjoyed good company, good conversation (cause it was a good book), and great dessert (creme brulee). When I returned home rather late my whole household was asleep and I found Gracie like this...

...sleeping with he adorable little rump in the air. Now what I want you to notice is that when she was put to bed her head was were her knees now are. Yes she sleeps on my floor, it is the easiet thing right now. She has a crib and I'm not making any promises, but she will probably be sleeping there in the near future. Anyway, isn't she so cute? She scoots really far sometimes.

This is the next morning, all of us snuggling in bed (my favorite part of the day). William was being so sweet he was holding her hand and kissing it and Gracie is always soooo happy in the morning. So, even though sometimes I feel like two kids is way too much for me to handle, I love my kids!

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