Friday, August 30, 2013

August home school

I did eventually get my act together and get home school started. Maybe someday I will type up our schedule, but not right now.

 The kids painting of their own title of liberty from the Book of Mormon. We talked about the things that are most important in life and worth fighting for.

 Joseph loves sharpening our pencils for us.
 William really wanted to take Latin this year so I ordered some books and took one look at them and asked Russ if he would be willing to teach him. I don't know a foreign language and Russ does so it is easier for him to teach it and the way we do it is on school nights (three nights a week) William gets to stay up later than the other kids and do his Latin with Russ. Its perfect because it is a quiet undisturbed time and it gives them one on one time together that I think William really needs right now. I have also noticed that he is more motivated in his other subjects since he has been doing this. Also in the background behind William you can see our timelines we made of each of their birthdays. We did that on the first day to help them understand our history timeline we have up on the wall now. I need to take a picture of that.

 Russ took this picture of me and did a nice post on Instagram. He is home on Tuesdays which is a day that we do school so he can be there for some of it. One day I had an appointment so I briefly told him what to do and they had a lot of fun. The pictures below are of the hieroglyphics they made. Later that night Russ told me he had a lot of fun doing school with them and I responded with, "I know, right!?" It is so much fun to learn with them and watch them learn. It is fun spending that time with them. I plan on writing another post on my feelings about home school so far but I just have to say, I love it!

I also have to mention how easy it is to make it fun for them. It doesn't need to be overdone or complicated, they are easily pleased.

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  1. I love that you homeschool! If you ever have time, I would like to know what curriculum you are following, if any. I really want to homeschool but don't know exactly where to start.



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